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Inspiring Resilience: Brandi Benson’s Triumph Over Terminal Cancer – Brandi Benson’s life changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Ewing Sarcoma) during her deployment in Iraq with the U.S. Army in 2009. Despite facing daunting odds of a mere 15% chance of survival and a prognosis of eight to twelve months, Brandi not only defied expectations but also achieved full recovery, maintaining remission ever since. This transformative experience ignited her passionate dedication to advocating fiercely for cancer patients, survivors, and fellow veterans in similar circumstances.

In 2022, Brandi was honored with a formal invitation to the White House, standing alongside the HunterSeven Foundation, witnessing the enactment of the PACT ACT law. This law expands VA healthcare benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic exposures. Her commitment is evident in her persistent efforts to secure patient access to crucial treatments within healthcare systems, notably addressing challenges concerning orphan diseases in Market Access. Brandi leverages her platform to share her story of hope and resilience, challenging skeptics, and inspiring others to confront adversity with unwavering determination. Recently, she contributed an article titled, “My Diagnosis Was Akin to a Death Sentence. The U.S. Army Saved Me,” for

Veteran, Author, Advocate, and Trailblazer in Survivorship Narratives – As an Iraqi War Veteran (Operation Enduring Freedom) and the author of “The Enemy Inside Me,” Brandi has received recognition from the Sarcoma Foundation of America. Her commitment has fostered significant partnerships, including collaborations with Kevin Hines, Bristol Myers Squibb Survivorship Today (led by Sterling K. Brown), and prestigious speaker bureaus like TLC Lions and All American Entertainment.

Known for impactful talks like “There Are Miracles Every Day, Why Can’t You Be One?” and “Rising Above,” Brandi emphasizes the importance of allyship, vulnerability, strategies for reintegrating into the workplace post-illness, and the urgent need to reshape the survivorship narrative. Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of Resume-Advantage and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Concordia University.

A Catalyst for Progress in Cancer Research & Student Mentorship

Her advocacy spans various fronts. Brandi’s role within the Department of Defense involves providing a crucial consumer perspective in grant and clinical trial reviews focused on Sarcoma cancer research. Drawing on her experiences as a patient and survivor, her insights play a pivotal role in evaluating cancer research addressing urgent issues. Actively engaged in the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society, particularly within the Patient Committee, Brandi contributes to capturing crucial data on soft tissue and bone tumors.

Brandi’s dedication extends to mentoring students at Spelman College through the Braven Nonprofit program, focusing on empowering mentees by enhancing their skills, confidence, experiences, and networks for career advancement.

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Championing Change – Brandi Benson is a formidable figure within the cancer community. Her unwavering dedication and outstanding achievements in the fight against cancer rightfully position her at the forefront. Leveraging her personal experience and voice, Brandi continues to drive progress in survivorship and rare diseases with steadfast determination.

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