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The Brandi L. Benson Wellness Initiative

Defeat With Purpose

Mission: is to provide an effective blueprint of strategies and resources that veterans, survivors, their loved ones and anyone struggling with an enemy in whatever form, can use to improve their overall mental health and decrease the likelihood of mental decline.

Vision: to increase awareness about mental health, sarcoma patients, and body positivity by instilling hope and spreading knowledge about early detection.

Overcoming “The Enemy Inside†Requires Mental Fitness.

The mind is our lighthouse. It powers and controls everything we are, what we feel and what we do or achieve. Each day, victims of traumatic events take their own lives, feeling like they have been isolated and left alone to cope in a world that no longer understands or supports them.

Cancer Survivor & Wellness Advocate, Brandi Benson, knows the struggle of maintaining mental clarity and focus after a traumatic experience. After being diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, Brandi thought her life was over.

The diagnosis and treatments seemed to drain the very life she was struggling to keep.

Brandi was devastated by the thought of leaving the world so young, and even more distraught that her then-three years old nephew, might grow up and never see her around or know her adoration for him. It was during this time that she began keeping a journal, determined to leave a trace of herself for him.

What Brandi, did not know is that her resolve to chronicle her experience and leave encouraging words for her nephew – would be a vital asset to her recovery. Writing out her thoughts and feelings became cathartic and it cleared the way for divine intervention in her life. Shortly after she began journaling, Brandi was given a book on the law of attraction from a family member. This book changed her mindset about her chances for recovery, and she began to seek insights on proper nutrition, exercise, and wellness practices that might help her heal completely.

With your donations to the Brandi L. Benson Wellness Initiative, your contributions will fund research and increase awareness about the disease. It will also help the BLB Wellness Initiative provide support platforms, and strike up mobile action plans, one-on-one and group sessions of inspiration and motivation for people dealing with depression, trauma, and an internal enemy of any kind.

Purpose of Brandi L. Benson Wellness Initiative

The purpose of this campaign is to promote and raise awareness of the importance of mental wellness and behavioral health therapy to victims dealing and recovering from traumatic events.

Through this initiative, Brandi will take both an educational and motivational approach to inform as well as dispel the myths about mental health and the availability/ access to resources that aid recovery.

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Get Involved

The only way to increase mental wellness and erase the stigma on mental health is through education and exposure.

Get informed, get educated, get involved. Speak to your loved ones who have experienced tragedy and make your support known. Become familiar with the types of mental health services in your community and spread the word by any means necessary.

The more money this campaign brings, the more awareness, education and impact we can provide.

You can help achieve these goals by supporting the Brandi Benson L. Wellness Initiative.

Email me about the unique ways that your community is addressing mental health situations! I would love to share it, both on my platform and in my speeches around the country. The plan is to spread awareness and encourage people to create support programs throughout the country that share my mission.

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